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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Three rest days!

It's enough to send me crazy but I haven't rolled for three days now. I have long-term knee injuries which I'm awaiting surgery for so I have to take rests now and then and can rarely roll flat-out on consecutive days.

Last week I went four days rolling in a row though, ending on Sunday. So three days off was a safety to try to minimise any deterioration. What's most annoying is yesterday they felt great but now today I am having pain in one again... without having trained! Gutted. The good part is that one knee is feeling really good and I think the injury I had may even be fully healed, the bad one definitely requires surgery though... torn meniscus.

The point of this post though... for people who train regularly (i.e. every day or most days) it can be hard to take even one rest day, let alone multiple in a row... but it's a must. I've learnt the hard way that training through some injuries is a bad idea. I once trained with a fairly painful shoulder which led to me having 8 months off and numerous times I've had an injury which would probably have healed with a week off, but not taking time off led to a much longer healing time.

Unless you are sure it's ok to train with an injury, take time off and use ice. In the long run it will definitely be the best option.

But anyway, I'm mega excited now, full day of rolling tomorrow :)

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