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Friday, 25 October 2013

Busy times

Still not much blogging action I'm afraid as the competition organisation has taken preference. Registration is closed now so divisions have been drawn up and then the usual messages to change divisions need to be dealt with. So that's basically everything done until Sunday, the day of the competition. My next job for it will be to referee all day... 10am until it finishes, no breaks, just a quick mouthful of food between fights. Hard job but worth doing it to run a competition.

I won't be competing but I still love any competition day. Seeing students fighting hard and representing the academy is one of my favourite things in jiu-jitsu. Some will lose, that's part of competition, but I know a lot will be taking medals home with them. I just can't wait to see people fighting and giving it their all, competition to me is the essence of jiu-jitsu.

Before that though, I have another full day of teaching tomorrow, so time for bed. I will be back for a full length, more focused blog shortly. In the meantime, train a lot!

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