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Friday, 6 September 2013

A few thanks

Not a proper blog entry, I just want to thank two people who have given me advice to help start this blog. Both of them (fairly obviously) are experienced bloggers...

Can Sönmez, a purple belt who trains at Gracie Barra Bristol and runs a highly analytical blog with reviews of instructionals and dissecting techniques and teaching styles; http://www.slideyfoot.com/

Seymour Yang, a brown belt who trains at Mill Hill Jiu-Jitsu and runs a blog mainly based around his own art, gear reviews and a look at the more humorous aspects of jiu-jitsu; http://meerkat69.blogspot.co.uk/

...and yes, I said I didn't like lower level belts blogging for certain reasons, but these guys don't offer instruction. Meerkatsu doesn't deal with techniques at all and Slideyfoot does it from a student perspective, highlighting differences in approaches between different instructors and instructionals.

So yeah, check them out, they're both cool guys and have a lot of good stuff on their blogs.


  1. Cheers! Although I have to admit I sort of offer instruction, as I write up all the lesson plans for the classes I teach. ;)

    Still, I agree that it's dubious for non-black belts to write like they're some kind of authority on technique, in the same way you wouldn't give out medical advice before you qualified as a doctor/nurse etc.

    I try to stick to refining lesson plans with what I write in the 'teaching' bit of the blog, also drawing upon how black belts teach it (especially Saulo, Xande, Roger, Braulio and Roy Dean), but definite danger of hypocrisy on my part there. ;D

  2. Yeah, but you tend to just post the details of what you have taught rather than telling people exactly how things should be done :)